Q. Tell us about the inauguration of the Company.
A. Acugen Neuropeutics Inc. was established in Seattle, Washington, in the United States, on April 25, 2002, under the laws of the State of Washington to develop methods of treatment for degenerative eye diseases and a pharmaceutical compound screening system. The company name was changed to Acucela Inc. in March 2003. In December 2016, the company completed a triangle merger to establish Acucela Inc.'s parent company, Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings Co., Ltd., based in Tokyo, Japan.
Q. On which stock exchange is Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings listed?
A. The Company's common stock is currently listed on the Growth Market subsequent to the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) market segment restructuring on April 4th, 2022. It was listed on the Mother's market of TSE since December 6, 2016. Originally, the Company first went public and was listed as Acucela Inc. on the Mother's market on February 13, 2014.
Q. What is the stock code of Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings?
A. The Company's stock code is 4596.
Q. When will you announce financial results?
A. The Company's business year is from January 1 to December 31. Annual financial results are released in Mid-February each year. We also disclose quarterly financial results.
Q. Where can we view the Company's past business performance?
A. Please visit the Company's Web site and see the "Summary of Financial Statements" or the "Financial Highlights." Our Securities Report is posted in the IR Library.
Q. What are the record dates for dividends?
A. At present, we do not plan to provide dividends. However, once we successfully launch our products commercially, we will evaluate the opportunity to provide dividends.
Q. Is there a shareholder benefit program at Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings?
A. There is no shareholder benefit program so far with us.
Q. How many shares constitute one unit?
A. 100 shares. Note: "One unit" refers to the number of shares eligible for sale and purchase.
Q. How can we purchase the Company's shares?
A. You may purchase the Company's share through any JASDEC nominee broker firm.
Q. What is the date of the annual meeting of shareholders of the Company?
A. Our annual meeting of shareholders is held in Tokyo, Japan prior to the end of May each year. Shareholders are to be informed of the date and venue of the meeting as soon as they are determined.
Q. What if I need to change my account name, have moved and need to change my mailing address, or have other questions about my Kubota Pharmaceutical Holdings stock?
A. You may contact our JASDEC nominee broker firm.
Q. Why did the Company terminate the registration of its common shares and its reporting obligation in the U.S.?
A. The Company considered the administrative burden and costs associated with being a U.S. reporting company and believes that the costs of maintaining registration in two jurisdictions outweighed the benefits received by the Company and our shareholders. The Company will continue to comply with its Japanese disclosure obligations through filings with the applicable Japanese securities regulators and its common shares will continue to trade on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market.